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queen anne chairs

Queen Anne Chairs

Where did they get their name? 


The term “Queen Anne” describes a decorative style originating in England from the 1720s to the 1760s. Queen Anne herself reined earlier, from 1702 to 1714. Yet this type of furniture was named after the British monarch nearly a century after her death, long after the style had ceased to be fashionable in England. Though popularity waned by 1750 in Britain, in the States, Queen Anne furniture was produced all the way up until the nineteenth century. 


How do you spot Queen Anne chairs? 


The most recognizable and distinct feature in Queen Anne chairs is the cabriole leg. The design emerged in Europe in the early eighteenth century. The term “cabriole” describes the curved lines of the chair’s wood leg. The design is meant to mimic the natural curvature of an animal’s hind leg.  

queen anne chairs

What kind of space do they work in? 


Queen Anne furniture has gone through several revivals due to its unique look and timeless elegance. Antique-looking chairs are coming back into style. These chairs would look great with a multitude of aesthetics and room designs. Particularly, Queen Anne chairs would look great in a banquet hall, club sitting room, dining room, or in any space where you’d like to add a touch of sophistication. 


Our Queen Anne Chairs 


Eustis’ Queen Anne chairs are built in the traditional style and feature the Eustis Joint. Your new chairs will have all the ornate elegance of the time-honored design along with guaranteed sturdiness so they’ll last for decades to come! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.  

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