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Can I Clean Wood with Disinfecting Wipes?

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people continue to wonder how best to clean their wooden chairs. Can disinfecting wipes be used on wood furniture? 


Household disinfecting wipes, such as Clorox or Lysol, are safe to use on most finished wood surfaces. You should always do a quick spot test and read the label before wiping down your chairs or tables. However, commonly treated or painted wood is likely safe. If your wood furniture is unfinished or untreated, the porous surface will not react well to the disinfecting wipes. 


But what if I need to clean a porous wood surface? 


If you have unfinished wood that you want to clean, the Canadian Conservation Institute recommends using a stiff brush and a vacuum cleaner.  


Are disinfecting wipes necessary? 


The CDC states that household cleaners that contain soap or detergent are enough to reduce the number of germs on surfaces and decrease the risk of COVID-19 by removing virus particles. However, the CDC also mentions that being infected from surfaces is rare. Unless someone who has tested positive for the virus has recently been inside, excessive cleaning shouldn’t be necessary.


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