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U Penn’s Houston Hall

Reading Room Chair

Wooden chairs are by far the most comfortable and beautiful seating on the market. Furthermore, all of our chairs are customizable to suit the needs of your institution. You can have you pick of hardwood, chair model, stain, and upholstery that best suits your needs. In addition, a large portion of our models come with a stacking or non-stacking option. Many institutions of high use spaces chose stacking chairs for storage ease. Furthermore, facility stack can easily set up and take down stacking chairs for events. 

The University of Pennsylvania reached out for help with a new project. 13 years after choosing our Edison Chair for the original renovation of Houston Hall’s Houston Market, University of Pennsylvania they wanted more. Planners came back to Eustis Chair for the new bistro and reading room. They wanted the flexibility of a stacking hardwood chair, but the timeless look of hardwood. After that, they looked at 4 sample chairs before selecting the clean, transitional design of our Merrimac chair. While the design choice took a few weeks, they never wavered from their initial vendor choice: Eustis Chair! We look forward to working with UPenn in another renovation project again soon! 

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