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Council Room Chairs

River Run Country Club Owns New Council Room Chairs

After seeing our warranty and proprietary joint, River Run Country Club in North Carolina knew they had to order from us. We recently delivered 70 chairs as part of their major renovations across the club, with the goal of crafting a completely new experience for current and future members. River Run is less than thirty miles from Charlotte’s city center and offers incredible amenities, including a renowned championship-level golf course and newly modernized social areas. 
Club chairs from our Eustis line are excellent for River Run’s weddings and club events like wine tastings and holiday celebrations. The ever-popular Council Room design was put in place earlier this year – head over to River Run’s social media and you may see our work in their photos! The Council Room is an especially notable chair for its flexibility in any setting: patrons love the seating at formal functions, and their stackability means easy transport to other areas of the club for more casual activities. Plus, its deeper sitting width and depth keeps it in high demand for clubs throughout America.

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