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stacking hardwood dining hall chair

Millbrook School Dining Hall

School Dining Hall Chair

The Millbrook School came to us with an exciting new renovation project. They had big plans to renovate their dining hall. Whats a beautiful dining hall without a superior school dining hall chair? Ridiculous, we know! Therefore, of course, we decided to help them out that that project. 

The Millbrook School is located in Millbrook, New York. Pretty soon, they will be moving into their new 400 seat dining hall this coming summer. Millbrook worked with their architects, Voith & Mactavish, to design the brand new dining hall. The school chose Eustis Chair to build a custom, hardwood chair. However, this is not the first time we have worked with the Millbrook School. In fact, we outfitted their old dining hall with similar chairs. They loved our 200+ chairs in their old dining hall so much that they made sure their new dining hall would also have Eustis Chairs.  Housekeeping Supervisor Marie Garbellano was thrilled with the performance of their Eustis Chairs from phase 1. In addition, she also loved the 20 year warranty that our all of our chairs with Eustis Joints come with.

A few months ago, Millbrook ordered the last 170 chairs to go in the new dining hall, to be delivered summer 2016 delivery.

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