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Charleston Stacking Chair by Eustis Chair

The New Woodshed Restaurant

Wood Restaurant Chair


The Woodshed Restaurant recently came to us with an exciting renovation project. We do not typically receive requests for restaurant chairs. In fact, we’ve only had a handful throughout out company’s history! However, when we receive requests for high quality wood restaurant chairs, we are thrilled. Our chairs are specifically made for high use spaces, like restaurants. Our elite patented joinery is the strongest on the market and created to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. In addition, all of our chairs with Eustis Joints come with a 20 year warranty against joint failure. 


The Woodshed Restaurant is located in Moultonborough, NH. The restaurant was first opened in 1979 in a 19th century farmhouse. Furthermore, it was a New England landmark until it burned to the ground in 2014.  The New Woodshed will reopen on April 15, 2016. One of its loyal past customers, G. Arnold Haynes, will be the new owner of the New Woodshed Restaurant. Haynes renovated an 1810 barn to the original Woodshed property for the new restaurant. They needed a rustic, yet sturdy chair for their new property. Therefore, they chose our Charleston wood restaurant chair to complete the charming New England restaurant interior, created by Samyn-D’Elia Architects of Ashland, NH. 

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