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Custom Spanish Revival Stacking Chair

Stacking Chairs


University of California, Berkeley is an impressive institution that started in 1868. Berkeley is probably best known for its contributions to the Free Speech movement. What you might not know is this is also the school that invented wetsuits and a cure for Malaria. Berkeley even invented earthquake science. These varied contributions are quite impressive! Of course, the bright minds that fill the seats at Berkeley need a comfortable place to sit.


Today the school issued a purchase order today for 306 custom stacking chairs from Eustis Chair. These chairs are Spanish Revival style. The stacking chairs are part of a new renovation. This renovation is for the Clark Kerr dining commons. Berkeley’s architects worked with the engineers at Eustis Chair. Together, we combined design aspects from several chairs found in the Monterey, California area. Our inspiration dates all the way from 1929-1933. Thanks to the patented Eustis Joint®, the Monterey Chair is as durable as it is opulent. Of course, the chair is also functional. Now the students can stay comfortable while they fuel themselves for a long day of discovery and breakthroughs in the lab and classroom.


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