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stacking chapel chair

Bliley’s Funeral Home

Stacking Chapel Chairs


Pews are out, stacking hardwood stacking chapel chairs are in. Anyone that has been to a chapel knows that pews are awkward and uncomfortable to sit in. Therefore, many chapels across the nation are making the switch to stacking chairs. However, metal or plastic chairs do not adequately match the elegance of the former wooden pew. Stacking chairs provide convenience and ease in storage, set up, and takedown for events. In addition, chairs must be both comfortable and durable. A chapel is an extremely high-use space. Furthermore, our chairs are designed for daily wear and tear in mind. Our patented joinery is the best on the market. Each chair is crafted with steel rods for extra stability and injected with retrograde epoxy. 


Our first funeral home project was in Kingston, Ontario.  Our second customer is the Bliley’s Funeral Home in Richmond, VA. Both were replacing traditional pews, and sought the convenience of a stacking chapel chair. Neither wanted to downgrade to plastic or metal chairs for appearance and were unwilling to give up the traditional elegance their patrons require. We are excited to work with more chapels and funeral homes in the future.

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