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10-60 chair

The Eustis 10-60 Chair

10-60 Chair


We hope you know by now that chairs are our thing. They are probably not as simple as you may think. Furthermore, a lot of thinking goes into creating the perfect chair for your needs. We want to make sure everything is perfect. Therefore, we consider things such as model, quality hardwood, impeccable stains, durability, and the ideal upholstery (if desired). Our mission is to create the most durable yet elegant hardwood chair that best suits your institution’s needs.  Sometimes, however, our standard height and width chairs aren’t quite perfect. That’s why we created the 10-60 chair option. 


Many fine clubs seat 10 people around a 60″ round table for their weddings and functions. Therefore, our standard chairs are too big. We decided to down-size our very successful University Club chair to accommodate ten at a 60″ round. We call our new model the University Club 10-60 chair. All of the same comfort and elegance are still there. Furthermore, members and staff will not be able to tell the difference! However, the chair seat is a slightly smaller design. Don’t worry though, the 10-60 model still stacks up to 7 high, and comes with a 20-year warranty. Clubs asked, and we were happy to deliver on this adjusted model!

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