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stacking chapel chairs

Georgetown Installation

Georgetown Stacking Church Chairs


Georgetown University is a private university located in Washington D.C. Georgetown’s curriculum is full of intellectual rigor in addition to social justice components and self-reflection. Additionally, Georgetown has a Jesuit heritage which allows for all faith traditions on their campus. Moreover, they recently renovated one of their most beloved Chapels. St. William’s Chapel is one of many located at the university. St. William’s Chapel is located in Copley Hall. Copley Hall is an upperclassman dorm for undergraduates. The chapel was built in 1930, and first renovated in 1990. It is undergoing a new renovation this year. The goal of the modern renovation is to restore the chapel to its former glory as it was in 1930. They are going to expose all of the original wood details and restore the former wood doors and windows. Eustis Chair installed stacking church chairs to add a touch of elegance. 


Eustis Chair met with representatives from Georgetown 3 years ago at a college and university planning conference. They viewed our chairs and chose the Boise stacking hardwood church chair. These Boise chairs stack 6 to 8 chairs high and come with our remarkable 20 year warranty protecting against Eustis Joint failure. These chairs are a departure from the pews that used to be in the space. The new Boise Stack chairs with autumn cherry staining arrived last week. Georgetown is thrilled with their decision. St. William’s Chapel is just one of many current chapel renovation projects on their beautiful campus. In conclusion, we hope to work with Georgetown again soon!  



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