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what is a country club

Country Club

What is a country club?


Have you ever sat down as asked yourself, ‘what is a country club?’ Well, we are here to help you out. 


A country club is a privately owned club that typically requires membership or invitation. Memberships are often on a quota system and require monthly, quarterly, or yearly membership payments. Memberships also include initiation fees or a one-time lump sum fee to join. Payments cover not only the prestige of the institution, but also costs of maintenance, upgrades, and renovations for the facility, and other amenities. Country clubs tend to be exclusive institutions. Further, affluence is often associated with members or clubs. Country clubs are often located in small towns, and sparsely located in big cities. However, country clubs can provide a sense of community and pride for their members. Private clubs are devoted to exceptional service, family comfort, and a place to gather with friends. 




Country Clubs are usually devoted to social, recreational, and entertainment events. It is common for a country club or private club to also include a golf course. In fact, most country clubs are also golf clubs. Some private clubs chose to honor the name of ‘country club’, while clubs more centered around golf will prefer to be called, ‘golf clubs’. Country clubs will generally offer more than just golf. Further, most country clubs also include other recreational sports including tennis, swimming, racquetball, and/or bocce ball. It is extremely common for private clubs to have their own competitive (and recreational) swim or tennis teams. Country clubs are able to host competitive tournaments, round-robins, or social sporting events. Most clubs also include dining options for members. Options include a fine dining area and a more casual or even outdoor bar and seating area or grill. 




Country Clubs are often traditional in nature. Often, but depending on the institution, there are strict member rules. A dress code is a common rule in private clubs. Members follow rules on what they can and cannot wear at different sights (golf course, dining area, etc). Other rules may include cell phone use, gender mixing, allowance of personal guests, and restriction of business deals. 

Country clubs can be a wonderful place for individuals, couples, and families to gather. Though expensive in nature, private clubs offer a wide range of amenities. There is truly something for everyone. 

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