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stacking dining and banquet chairs

Empire 10-60

Stacking Dining and Banquet Chairs

Our mission is to create the most beautiful, yet durable chairs on the market. For your even space needs, plastic or metal chairs are always an option. However, these materials do not provide the same elegance and timeless appearance that wood chairs provide. Often times, metal or plastic chairs are selected on the pure note that they are stackable. Similarly, stackable chairs are most convenient for set up and take of of high use spaces. Therefore, we made a stacking hardwood chair so our clients would never have to chose from elegant hardwood and a non-wood stacking option. 

One of our best stacking hardwood options is the Empire 10-60 stacking, dining, and banquet chair. This design combines French Empire design elegance, with 21st century durability. The stacking feature is made possible only our patented Eustis Joint®. Our new ten-sixty chair designs make it possible to sit ten guests around a sixty inch round table. Furthermore, each chair can be tucked under the table cloth. Like all of our stacking dining and banquet chairs, the Empire 10-60 can be stacked 8 chairs high for facility convince. Not to mention, all of our stacking chairs with a Eustis Joint come with a 20 year warranty against joint failure.

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