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Claremont stacking hardwood chair

Stacking Chippendale Chairs

Claremont Stacking Hardwood Chair

The Schuyler Meadows Club recently reached out to us to talk about a possible chair project. The Meadows Club is located near Albany, New York. Management loved our elegant chairs, from what they saw in our catalog and website. They also heard great things about the quality and durability of our chairs! A Chippendale styled chair was a priority to them. However, they wanted a chair that was good for more than just its looks!

Their banquet room is an extremely high use space. Thousands of club members and community members gather in their dining space every year. Therefore, they wanted a chair that would withstand daily wear and tear. Management had their eye on the style of our Claremont stacking hardwood chair. However, they wanted the seat to be a bit wider for extra comfort. We are excited to offer this new wider Chippendale chair to other clubs and banquet facilities who prefer extra seating comfort for their members. Though larger seats will provide a little  lower seating density, we are working to live with it if institutions are willing. Like all of our stacking hardwood chairs, the Claremont II stacks 6 to 8 chairs high, and comes with a unmatched 20 year warranty protecting against Eustis Joint failure. 

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