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Orinda Country Club

stacking dining chair

Orinda Country Club

Stacking Dining Chair

Dining rooms are the perfect place for stacking dining chairs. Often times, private clubs or country clubs contain high end dining rooms. Furthermore, the elegance of a hardwood chair always elevate the atmosphere. Who wants a plastic or metal chairs in a timeless dining space? Definitely not us. A company to our chairs the stability option. Many of our dining chairs can stack. In turn, stacking chairs provide quick storage and ease in set up and break down for events. Stacking chairs are also versatile and can be moved to any location. 

Orinda Country Club came to us looking for chairs for three dining areas. Orinda is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Furthermore, they reached out for assistance with a replacement for a hardwood stacking dining chair that was 3 years old and failing. Not surprisingly, they were also delighted to learn about our proprietary Eustis Joint® and our 20 year warranty. We craft all of our chairs with steel rods for support and inject with retrograde epoxy for stability. They ultimately chose our Bohemian stacking chair for the dining room, and our Kennedy chair for the grill room. Finally, these two chairs provide unconditional stability, comfort, and elegance to their dining space. 

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