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stacking hardwood chair

Michigan State

Stacking Hardwood Chair

Dining rooms are our specialty. Why, you ask? Well, We’ll tell you. First and foremost, dining rooms are extremely elegant. Every one of our clients have chosen our stacking hardwood chairs because they match the elegance of their facility. Hardwood chairs are by far the most elegant and beautiful standing next to plastic or metal chairs. In addition, our mission is to create the most beautiful yet durable chairs for high use spaces. What is a more high use space than a dining room? Furthermore, all of our chairs are constructed with our patented Eustis Joinery. We create each chair with steel rods for stability and inject each chair with retrograde epoxy for added stability. 

MSU reached out with an exciting renovation project. Working with their designers, Bakergroup, of Grand Rapids, The University Club of MSU at Michigan State University today chose a stacking hardwood chair for the renovation of their dining room. Club Manager Richard Bruner was impressed with the elegance and comfort of our chair, and was sold by the 20 year warranty protecting against Eustis Joint failure. He was also delighted to learn that both the side and arm chairs stack up to 6 high. We are excited to work with MSU in the future!

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