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Cal State Fresno

Wood Reading Chairs

Libraries are a core part of our business. Why? We manufacture our chairs for extremely high use spaces. Whats a higher use space than a library. Libraries see tons of daily wear and tear. In fact, the goal of a library is to attract many people. Of course, they all need comfortable and durable wooden chairs to sit in. Luckily, our chairs are constructed with our elite joinery. Furthermore, we construct our chairs with Eustis Joints that contain steel rods and inject them with retrograde epoxy for added stability. 

Cal State Fresno reached out to us with a project for their library. Two years after moving into the new Henry Madden Library, planners at California State University, Fresno decided they needed an upgrade. They reconfigured and created more space for students and staff. They decided they could fit more people, and therefore, needed more chairs. The ordered 62 more wood reading chairs. There was no question where to go for the chairs, they created so much new space! The only decision the university staff need to make was the model of the new chairs. They debated the Westlake and Jenkins, both of which were ordered 2 years ago, and are performing just as advertised! 


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