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stacking hardwood dining hall chair

UW Madison’s Carson’s Market

Stacking Hardwood Dining Hall Chair

Historical reproduction chairs are some of our favorite creations, especially a stacking hardwood dining hall chair. Our brand aligns with traditional and elegant furniture. What’s more elegant than quality hardwood? Furthermore, consumers do not typically associate hardwood chairs with the word durability. However, we created hardwood chairs that are not only beautiful, but also durable. We make our patented joinery with steel rods for stability and retrograde epoxy for added stability. 

KEE Architecture Principal Jan Eymann came to us with a historical reproduction project. Furthermore, she told us she needed a hardwood chair that would be “vintage appropriate”. The renovation was for the historical renovation of Carson’s Market, a University of Wisconsin – Madison dining hall. Furthermore, the university originally built the dining hall in 1926. The dining hall is named after Carson Gulley. Gulley was the previous head chef for UW Madison for 27 years. Carson Gulley was a local tv and radio celebrity, and civil rights pioneer. Jan Eymann, the University’s designer, saw our premium stacking dining hall chair. She loved it. They chose the Bartlett Hall chair. Therefore, her client loved that the new chair stacks 8 high. It also comes with a 20 year warranty. We hope to work with UW Madison in the near future! 

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