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collegiate Gothic

Cornell A. D. White House

Collegiate Gothic Style

The collegiate gothic style has historical routes. Many colleges and universities chose to design their schools with this style in mind. Furthermore, the gothic style shows traditional and historical routes, two our specialities. Imagine having plastic or metal chairs in an elegant setting…that would be ridiculous! Therefore, we center our brand around around durable but also elegant furniture to match any beautiful insinuation. 

The A. D. White House at Cornell University came to us with a historical renovation project. Cornell University houses the Society for the Humanities. In fact, Cornel built the society in 1871. The university architects looked for a new elegant chair for the renovation. They wanted a chair that would fit well in their collegiate Gothic style dining room. Their first call was to Eustis Chair. Our Burton Judson chair was a perfect fit. In addition, they wanted a chair that could stack. The stacking feature of our chairs allow ease in storage, set up, and take down for events. We also craft all of our our chairs with our proprietary joinery. Furthermore, we craft all all of our chairs with steel rods and retrograde epoxy for reinforced stability. All of our chairs with the Eustis Joint come with a 20 year warranty against joint failure. 

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