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Stacking Wood Library Chair

Chesterfield County

Stacking Wood Library Chairs

Return customers keep our business alive! Many other manufacturers made traditional wood chairs with traditional joinery, which is likely to fall apart within 5 years. Wood workers make standard joints by shaping a knob into one ligament of the wood, and a equal sized hole into the other piece of wood. After that, craftspeople fit the wood pieces together with furniture glue. However, glue breaks or chips after sustained usage and joints become weak or fall apart. Aware of this problem, we created the most elite joinery on the market. Our chairs are held together by steel rods and retrograde epoxy for added stability. 

Chesterfield County Public Library chose Eustis Chair for the third time in their library branch renovation projects. The 10 branch Chesterfield County Library system is located just outside of Richmond, Virginia. Chesterfield County Library system first discovered Eustis Chair in 2008, when they ordered 96 Merrimac stacking wood library chairs. They came back to us in 2011 for an order of Medford library chairs, and are now back to the Merrimac chair for another library renovation. They know through experience the value of our proprietary Eustis Joint®, and its 20 year warranty! 

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