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Claremont Country Club

Elegant Wood Banquet Dining Chair

You know the old expression, “invention is the mother of necessity”. Well, for us, that proves true. We custom make chairs for institutions of varying needs. Many of our models are prefect and fit in beautiful to a wide range of institutions. However, when a chair design is not perfect for the institution, we do everything we can to create on that is perfect. Often times, we love that new chair so much that we add it to our collection! In fact, many of the chairs you see in our line were at one point created for a specific institution. 

Claremont Country Club came to us with a dining renovation project. However, none of our existing designs was elegant enough for Oakland’s Claremont Country Club. Therefore, we added a carved back-splat and fluted front posts to one of our proven stacking chair frames. The final product was perfect for their dining space. The Claremont is comfortable, drop-dead gorgeous, and stacks 6-8 high. In addition, all of our chairs are engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint® for durability.  The Claremont chair is the perfect elegant wood banquet chair and comes with a 20 year warranty! 

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