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Staint Marks Chair

University of Delaware Daugherty Hall Study Chairs

Study Chair

How many times were you told as a child to not lean back in your chair? We’re assuming a lot. Why? leaning back in your chair puts a ton of pressure on the joints. Most chair manufactures use mortise and tenon joints. Furthermore, this type of joinery is likely to loosen and break after only a few years of use. We, however, use the most elite joinery on the market. All of our chairs are made with steel rods and retrograde epoxy. In addition, all of our chairs come with a 20 year warranty against joint failure.  

Therefore, our chairs are extremely durable and ideal for high use spaces. You can find many of our chairs in libraries, university spaces, and dining spaces. Eustis Chair is proud to have provided our Saint Marks study chair for the University of Delaware‘s Daugherty Hall renovation. Their study space renovation is lead by the talented design team of Voith & Mactavish Architects. The former Victorian, Gothic styled church is now one of the most popular study spots on campus. Read more about the renovation and Hall’s history on the UDaily website

Check out Daugherty Hall to see all the students leaning back in their chairs! 

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