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The Edison Chair by Eustis Chair is a durable hardwood chair perfect for dining halls, libraries and more

The Edison

An American Tradition   


In 1878, American inventor Thomas Edison was working diligently to complete a system of power that would change the world. Electrical illumination, or as we now call it electricity, took its first baby steps with the successful creation of the incandescent light bulb.   


Famously, during the first public display of his invention, Edison stated: “We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.”  And right he was! Electricity quickly became ubiquitous, and the once novel lightbulb is present in almost every house. Eustis Chair’s Edison model is an homage to the great scientist of America’s past. A reproduction of the same chair in Edison’s New Jersey Laboratory, our elegant hardwood chair, like Edison’s brilliant invention, will endure for generations.  


Now A Traditional School Dining Room Chair  


When planning their 28 million dollar restoration of Memorial Hall, Harvard University chose The Edison. The outcome was one of the most elegant collegiate dining halls in America. The durable and classic hardwood chairs helped curate the air of refinement and timelessness that Memorial Hall embodies.   


The Edison   


The Edison boasts a mortise and tenon joint that makes it a durable option for high-traffic spaces like libraries, dining halls, classrooms, and more. Its hardwood can be stained to match most aesthetic needs. We offer this chair in both standard sizing and tall to serve a variety of purposes in your space. Additionally, Eustis is so confident in the durability of this chair we provide a 10-year warranty.   


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