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stacking pew chair

The Exeter Modular Pew

Traditional Hardwood Pew 


A New England prep school contacted us needing an alternative to traditional church pews. They looked for seating flexibility to use in their 200 year-old chapel. Boston architects Cram & Ferguson designed this stacking modular pew chair for the institution. However, they found conventional joinery too weak for its unique requirements. Our patented Eustis Joint® was the missing ingredient, and allows us to build stacking pew chairs that will endure for generations. Our joinery is the strongest and most elite on the market. In fact, each of our joints contain steel rods for stability and retrograde epoxy for added stability. 


The Exeter Modular Pew


One of the convenient design elements of these chairs is how quickly they can be reconfigured. No other seating lets you disassemble, stack, and move it to any spiritual space for its various uses. Stackability is hard to come by in wooden chairs, let alone pews. Our unbeatable ganging mechanism and joinery offers far more than what you’d expect. The Exeter Modular Pew is the seating you need! Each Eustis chair also comes complete with a 20 year warranty protecting against Eustis Joint failure. We always say that the hardwood will break before our joinery ever does.


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