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harkness chair

The Harkness Chair

Traditional Classroom Chair


The Harkness is a classic style of chair. It has elements of a Windsor chair, a very traditional design. The Harkness chair was first designed for Philips Exeter Academy. The Harkness learning style was first invented as a collaborative method of teaching and learning. The style highlights individual as well as group contributions and collective successes. 


The Harkness Chair’s construction is no different than any of our other Eustis Chairs. The Harkness chair is made with durable joinery and comes complete with a 10 year warranty protecting against joint failure. Most warranties only cover hardwood chairs for about 5 years against manufacturing defects. Joint failure is the most common reason hardwood chairs break, but not those from Eustis.


There are many things to consider before purchasing a classroom chair. Does the chair match enhance the feel of your school and classroom space? Eustis Chair offers a wide variety of chair designs to fit every style of decor. Furthermore, Eustis Chair builds all of our chairs in the USA from any hardwood species of your choosing. We can also match stain colors to your Harkness Tables. We offer stylish and comfortable chairs for any classroom arrangement. Contact us today.

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