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Church chair

The Medford Stack

Contemporary Multi-Use Chair


The Medford stack is a stacking hardwood chair option similar to our Medford chair. Furthermore, Eustis Chair originally designed this chair for a public library in Oregon. This chair combines classic elements such as a ladder back, with more contemporary design elements. The Medford features back rails of this chair slightly at a curve. This allows for maximum comfort, as well as durability. We designed this chair specifically to suit many different types of high use spaces that endure much daily wear and tear. 


The Medford Stack


The Medford Stack is a stacking hardwood chair that is both beautiful and practical. The flawless design is extremely versatile and can fit into any space.  Whether a school, library, or dining space, this chair brings elegance and practicality. Every Eustis Chair is custom manufactured in the United States with our proprietary Eustis Joint®. This means the chair is strong and built to last. The Medford Stack chair comes with a 20 year warranty. We guarantee this chair will last decades. 


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