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oregon chair

The Oregon

Contemporary Library Chairs


The graceful curves, narrow rails, and simple lines of The Oregon chair create an elegant and contemporary look. Designed for the library at Southern Oregon University, the Oregon chair demonstrates one of the clear advantages of our proprietary Eustis Joint®: strength without bulk. As you can see, our chairs are elegant and sophisticated. With our epoxy and steel joinery at each of the ten critical joints, there is no need for stretchers or oversized rails. We can create a chair to withstand decades of daily use in a busy institutional environment such as a library. Libraries see so much daily use that chairs in libraries typically only last a couple years before they break and need to be replaced. However, we ensure that Eustis Chairs will last 20 years. This allows libraries more money to put towards other purchases over the course of the decades they have Eustis Chairs. 


The Oregon 

The best part of the Oregon is that it stacks! How many hardwood chairs do you know that can stack? The stacking ability allows ease in set up and take down for events and cleaning of the facility. 
Questions or concerns about any of our chairs? Please reach out–we are always happy to help!

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