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otesaga chair

The Otesaga

Hardwood Dining Chairs


The 101 year old Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown, NY was the inspiration behind our creation of this chair. The Otesaga Hotel asked their designers, Jeff Lincoln Interiors, to find a stacking hardwood chair. The interior designers wanted a hardwood chair consistent with the elegance of this Historic Hotel. The designers liked our Virginian Chair, but asked if we could add a hand-hole. The resulting chair has a pleasing new look and is easy to move around the room. Furthermore, the Otesaga is one of the top chairs in our line for maneuverability.

It is extremely durable, made with our proprietary Eustis Joint. Moreover, we create each chair with steel rods and add retrograde epoxy to reinforce each joint. This is an extremely durable and differentiate Eustis Chair from other hardwood chair manufacturers. We create the most durable hardwood chairs and almost all of them have a stacking option. Stackability provides ease in storage, set up, and break down from events. 


The Otesaga 


Furthermore and even more pleasing, the Otesaga chair stacks 6-8 chairs high, and comes with a 20 year warranty. Our elite joinery allows seamless stacking capabilities. These joints are strong enough to support the weight of 8 other chairs for decades. 


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