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willard church chair

The Willard

Traditional Library Chair


For this design, we combined the seating geometry of our Monterey stacking chair with the comfort and transition elegance of our Charleston chair. This allowed us to create the elegant Willard chair. The Willard chair stands tall at 40 inches in height. This tall chair offers a stately presence to the hall around it. Its generous top rail lends itself well to laser engraving options. Engraving options include a logo or motto for an extra touch of grace or personalized touch. Its symmetrical back slots create a simple, yet elegant aesthetic perfect for any library or classroom. 


The Willard


The clean lines of the Willard chair make it a good fit for either a traditional or a more contemporary setting. We craft it with our proprietary Eustis Joint. We reinforce each joint with steel rods and add retrograde epoxy for added stability. The fact that it stacks 6 – 8 chairs high and comes with a 20-year warranty makes it a real winner for an elegant function space or college dining hall. You can customize each fair with your choice of hardwood, stain, and upholstery to match your elegant venue. 

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