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pennsylvania chair

The Pennsylvania

Traditional College and School Chair


The University of Pennsylvania Law School reached out inquiring about an extremely durable chair. They contacted the right company. The university liked our Willard stacking chair, but did not need it to stack. We widened the seat, but preserved the same great looks of our original Willard chair. We call the new design the Pennsylvania chair. This chair, with it’s solid hardwood design elements is an elegant and beautiful choice for high-use spaces. The chair we created will last the University of Pennsylvania through many years of wear and tear. 


The Pennsylvania 


The aesthetic design of the Pennsylvania lends itself well to both traditional and contemporary settings. The construction elements come from both schools of design. Because this chair is engineered with our proprietary Eustis Joint®, it is extremely durable.Our joints are the strongest on the market. To make our joints durable, we inject each joint with steel rods and retrograde epoxy for added stability. In fact, our joints end up being stronger than the hardwood itself. Because we have so much confidence in our hardwood, each chair with a Eustis Joint comes with a 20 year warranty against joint failure.


If you have any questions about this chair or any in our line, please reach out. We are always ready to help.


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