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Harvard Business School Chairs

The Many Lives of a Eustis Chair

Harvard Business School Chairs

This story begins in 2004 when Harvard Business School contacted Eustis Chair. Harvard Business School wanted to purchase new upholstered stacking chairs for the Harvard Faculty Club. At the time, the Harvard Faculty Club was located in the well-known Kresge Hall.

After much consideration, Harvard ordered 200 Merrimac stacking chairs to go in the Harvard Faculty Club. The new chairs chairs pleased the faculty. Merrimac chairs offer superior comfort, great for long business luncheons or meetings. Merrimac chairs are easy to stack as well. This makes re-arranging furniture a breeze. 

Harvard Business School Chairs

In 2014, it was time for Harvard to grow its Executive Education facility. In order to make room for the new Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Center, Kresge Hall (including the Faculty Club where the 200 Eustis Chairs were housed) was torn down. While the school built the new Chao Center, the Merrimac chairs temporarily moved to Crimson Commons. Crimson Commons acted as a sort of temporary Executive Education dining area. 

Stacking Chairs

On June 6, 2016, Harvard dedicated the new Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Center. Goody Clancy, a Boston architectural firm, designed the new space where Kresge Hall once stood. Harvard refinished and reupholstered the original Merrimac chairs, now 12 years old. The Merrimac chairs began their third life looking as good as new in the Chao Center.

Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Center

After residing in the Chao Center for a few more years, the Merrimac chairs recently began their fourth life. Miles Funeral Home purchased the chairs for use in their facilities We are positive these chairs will last for many more years, and many more lives to come. Thanks to our own proprietary Eustis Joint construction technology, our chairs are infinitely more durable than other chairs on the market. 

Merrimac Stacking Chairs

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