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The Rose Reading Chair

Traditional Library Chairs


Classic wooden chairs in beloved reading locations have high-volume use. The New York Public Library ordered hundreds of Rose Reading Chairs from Eustis Chair to replace their classic chairs located in the Rose Reading Room. Their old chairs were cherished by the community and well-loved by everyone who visited the library. However, they were falling apart at the joints. That’s where Eustis Chair came in. The library wanted us to re-create their historic chair with our elite joinery. To construct the new chairs, we injected all of the joints with steel rods and retrograde epoxy for added stability for decades to come. 


The Rose Reading Room Chair


The Rose Reading chair antique reproduction chairs do not disappoint. In fact, they are a perfect match to the originals, only infinitely more durable. We are so confident in our hardwood chairs and joinery that we guarantee every chair with a Eustis Joint will last for at least 20 years of use. Indeed, we always say that the joints are the strongest part of the chair, even stronger than the hardwood itself. We create our chairs in our US factory, customizing the hardwood and stain upon to match your project. 


Please reach out with questions about any of the chairs in our line!

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