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Chair Transporters


The chair Transporter is a custom-made hand truck to transport individual stacks of our stackable chairs. Once you stack chairs up to 10 high you can easily move them wherever you need. Once moved to storage the chair stack sits on the floor so you only need to buy as many transporters as you have people moving chairs at any one time. We recommend one transporter per 100 chairs.


The stacking function of our chairs is made possible due to our Eustis joint construction. In fact, our joints are the strongest on the market. Therefore, Eustis Chairs are the strongest on the market. To construct our joints, we inject each with steel rods and retrograde epoxy. In fact, we are so confident in our joinery that we always say that the hardwood is more likely to break than our superior joinery. In addition, we provide a 20-year warranty for all of our stacking chairs and bar stools. 


The Transporter


Each Transporter is custom-made to the individual chair model so that there will be no damage to the chairs, and it is finished in the same finish as your chairs. Transporters are not always necessary but save a lot of time and hassle in transportation. When you purchase Eustis Chair transporters, your staff will thank you.

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