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wood captain chair

Durable Wood Captain Chair

Wood Captain Chair

A good wood Captain Chair goes way back. In fact, they were invented basically at our country’s beggining. They are celebrated for their traditional look prestigious value. Therefore, we thought we’d do our country justice and recreate this chair as a historical reproduction. It was only right!

We created the Eustis Captain chair. Our chair is designed and engineered to be the most durable wood captain chair available. But out chairs are not like the rest. More wooden chairs are made with lack-luster joinery. However, ours are made with our extremely durable mortise and tenon construction. Our joint construction is used at each critical chair joint making. Moreover, each model is made in the USA by our expert craftspeople.

Our craftspeople work extremely hard to put together your choice of sustainable hardwood and custom stain to match your tables, millwork, or room. We will customize your new chairs any way you want them. Contact us today to learn more about our chairs, pricing, or to request a sample. Finally, see why Eustis Chair hundreds of institutions trust our chairs for their spaces! Please contact us with any questions you may have about any of the chairs in our line!

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