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the Captain's chair

Wood Captain Chairs: Buying Guide

Named after the seat of a naval captain, captain chairs have a simple but elegant design that has been used widely for centuries. At Eustis Chair, our beloved wood captain chairs are armchairs with a comfortable saddle seat, curved armrests, and a low back with decorative trademark vertical carved spindles. This chair works well in restaurants, banquet halls, country clubs, and more. Our wood captain chairs come in three options:


Captain 1 

This first version of a wood captain chair is a classic. With sturdy armrests and carved spindles, this beloved design will make you feel just like you’re commanding the high seas even if you’re just at dinner. This chair comes with a 10-year warranty. 


Captain 2 

The second version of a wood captain chair has a leather backrest with traditional furniture nails. Its simple spindles and two rails make this chair sleek and resilient, great for any office, library, or club. Furthermore, this chair comes with a 20-year warranty thanks to it being constructed with the Eustis Joint! 


Captain 3 

Last but not least, this third version of a wood captain chair has a beautiful, intricate design. With decorative rails and carved, detailed spindles, this chair really draws in the eye. Like the second option, this chair also features the Eustis Joint, making it an attractive but also durable choice. 


Any of these chairs would be a perfect addition to your space. If you’re interested in learning more or would like to receive pricing information, let us know! 

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