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When you need durable wooden chairs for high use areas, details matter.  We focus our attention on design. We want to make sure every part of your chairs are perfect for your space. From the chair joints, down to our optional castors, they will be impeccable. The chairs will last for decades even in school and university use. Our patented Eustis Joint® construction, and our collared casters are perfect examples of how we design our chairs. We are proud of our chairs. Therefore, we invest extra labor.  


We love to source the best materials for all of our chairs.  This allows us to create the best wood caster chairs available. You can see in the photo to the right our craftsmanship. There is a huge the difference between our competitors installed caster and ours. Our competitors caster only has a pin going into the chair leg. This is less stable and the caster and can easily fall out after just a few months or break away from the wood. Our Eustis Chair castor is inset into the chair leg, providing stability. It is also collared around the wood to withstand years of daily use. All of our chairs with a Eustis Joint come with 20 year warranty. We guarantee your chairs will last decades!

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