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Options for Hardwood Chair Engraving

Wood Chair Engraving


Hardwood chairs are inherently stately. Some institutions we work with prefer to add laser wood engraving to the chairs they order. Eustis Chair has engraved chairs for a number of clients. The engraving is usually on the top rail of the chairs. We can add whatever design and style you would like for your next Eustis Chair purchase. The top options we’ve seen our clients choose are as follows:

fairfield chair

wood engraving chair

Logo or Crest Engraving

This is the most popular choice for laser engraving. It offers an extra air of prestige to dining or study chairs. The pictures show crests on Fairfield and Westminster Stack chairs by Eustis Chair.


Name of institution Engraving

If you prefer a more simple design, carving the name of your institution will create the same effect. You can even combine ideas and incorporate the name with the logo, as done by the University of Pennsylvania Law.

Motto Engraving

We have had some clients, such as Austin Preparatory School, request laser engraving on both sides of the chair’s top rail (pictured below). On the backside of the top chair rail, we engraved their crest. On the front side, they decided to carve the school’s motto as an ever-present affirmation of the values.

wood engraving chair


Simple Decoration Engraving

For a subtle and minimalist approach, a simple decoration can add an elegant touch to the overall space. For example, we have seen yacht clubs use a decorative seashell image or religious schools engrave a simple cross.


Our custom-designed chairs allow us to focus on providing the seating that best complements your space. Laser wood chair engravings are easily added to most chairs in our line. Minor design changes such as engravings can make a big difference in the look of a chair.

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