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Eustis Chair Makes the Best Wood Chairs

Why Wood?

Why are wood chairs the best option for you and your space? It’s quite simple. Wood is the most durable, sustainable building material. According to a study done at Purdue University, wood chairs last for around twenty years while steel chairs can last up to seven, and plastic only up to four. Quality wood chairs last for decades while cheap furniture made overseas with inferior materials will break down after a few years. You don’t want to have to waste time and money constantly repurchasing furniture. Choose wood chairs that will take care of all your institution’s needs.

In addition to durability, wood is also the most eco-friendly option. It is the only renewable building material. Sourcing sustainably manufactured wood and using it whenever possible is one of the most important tools in addressing climate change. Steel, aluminum, and plastic products require processes that harm the environment during production, transportation, and even recycling. In comparison, using wood offsets issues such as carbon emission and environmental pollution that we are already suffering from globally today. Furthermore, the fact that wood chairs last so much longer than chairs made from other materials means that they will stay in your space for longer and keep out of a landfill.

Importantly, recent studies also show that wood can have a beneficial physiological effect on humans. There isn’t a lot of work yet done on the relationship between human health and wood furniture, but the findings so far look positive. Bringing products made from nature into a room encourages a calm, nurturing environment to live or work in. There’s much still to be learned about the dynamic between humans and wood, especially wood furniture, though the preliminary indication of health benefits is promising. Some scientists even hope to use wood-derived stimulation as a type of therapy to reduce stress in the future. As our daily life becomes increasingly urbanized and most of us spend a majority of our time indoors, exploring how to bring natural resources inside is a step in promoting mental and physical well-being.

Eustis chairs at Georgetown University

Eustis chairs at Georgetown University.

Eustis Wood Chairs 

Since 1989, Eustis Chair has offered unbeatable luxury chairs made in the USA. Our 20-year warranty is the best in the business. Nobody else on the market can offer the kind of durability we do. The strength and stability that our wood chairs have is all due to the Eustis Joint®.

Our founder, Robert H. Eustis, a retired engineering professor from Stanford University, developed this joinery technique. The process is a unique way of joining two pieces of hardwood using concealed steel rods and space-age adhesives, creating a joint stronger than the hardwood of the chair. This is what allows us to offer chairs that stack 6-8 high and have a warranty like no other in the furniture industry. To read more about our chair joinery, click here. To learn more about the history of Eustis Chair, click here.

In addition to our reliably durable products, we pride ourselves on prioritizing sustainability in both manufacturing and material selections. Eustis Chair believes companies should advocate for the needs of their customers and the planet. That is why we take sustainable measures every step of the way in constructing our chairs and tables. From lumber sourcing to factory recycling measures, ethical and environmental care remains a crucial part of our business process. All the raw wood we use is sustainably harvested in properly managed woodlands. In our FSC-certified factory, we strive for the minimum of waste, and we recycle everywhere we can. And with a typical service life of 20+ years, our chairs are still in dining halls and libraries long after our competitor’s chairs are in the landfill. To read more, click here.

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For decades we have set the standard for hardwood chairs. With tons of beautiful designs that include stacking and non-stacking chairs, Eustis Chair offers an impressive selection with something for every type of space. From library to dining hall to country club, we have a wood chair for you. And even if you don’t find the perfect fit within our catalog, we can happily customize any of our designs to your preference. From bigger changes like adding arms or a book holder or a logo, to smaller ones like changing color or fabric, we can help. We even do antique reproductions. Just send us a picture and odds are we can help you! 

Contact us here so that we can assist you with all your furniture needs. Eustis Chair even manufactures tables now, built with the same reliability you know and love from our chairs. Check them out here.

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