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Swan Point Cemetery

Wood Chapel Chairs

More and more often, we are discovering that chapels are making the switch from pews to hardwood chairs. Pews are traditional, but out of date when it come to comfort and elegance. Wood chapel chairs, one the other hand, provide immense comfort and style to any venue. Our mission here at Eustis Chair is to provide institutions with durable, yet elegant chairs for high use spaces. Chapels are one of the highest usage space, expecting daily foot traffic. Therefore, chapel furniture sees tons of daily wear and tear. Due to our patented joinery, all of our clients can expect superior chair stability. Furthermore, we craft all of our chairs with steel rods and injected with retrograde epoxy for added stability. In addition, a large portion of our chair models may be made into stackable versions. Stacking chairs provide easy storage, set up and take down. 

Swan Point Cemetery recently reached out asking for stacking chapel seating. For their chapel renovation, Swan Point worked with Providence designers Taylor Interior Design. The designers and the cemetery both agreed on the State stacking chapel chairs for their chapel. They ordered 89 stacking chairs today. We have presented our chairs for two years now at the National Funeral Director’s conference, and this is our third major project in this market. 

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