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Eustis Table Program Update: Leg Testing a Go

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Since Eustis Chair is famous for the superior durability of its hardwood chairs, our number-one priority in our new Tables program is to design wood tables that offer truly superior durability. Our former owner Fred Eustis has used his 20 years of experience with the proprietary Eustis Joint® to come up with a remarkable system for attaching table legs to the table.

In our last post about our new table line, we noted the merits of a trestle-style table offering. Now that we’ve tested it, we know our joinery can accommodate several other table styles. We will add further table designs for a range of options, including modern table styles with round or rectangular legs.

The critical ingredient of our new system is the Table Leg-Plate (TLP) joint. The steel plate you see in the photo will be securely attached to the bottom of the tabletop. We have used the technology of our proprietary Eustis Joint® to create the critical joint between the steel plate and the table leg.

Brand New Tables

In addition, in the test fixture on the left, we have applied 335 foot-pounds of force to the test leg and repeated the test over 500 times. The final result: no damage to the TLP joint. This test is part of a technical specification for tables established by the Business and Institutional Manufacturers Association (BIFMA). We went a bit further than strictly necessary: the BIFMA test only requires a force of 75-foot pounds. Our table legs can withstand four times that force, applied over 500 times, with no failure. There’s no better option for tables facing decades of continuous use. Our craftsmanship will retain its functionality against all rigorous demands, no matter if it’s in a dining or study setting. In other words, we guarantee you’ll love these tables for a lifetime; there won’t be a need for replacing these for decades to come.

Watch for photos of our new tables in the coming months.

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