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Selecting the Upholstery Best for Your Needs

There are countless choices for upholstered seats and backs


We understand choosing the right upholstery can be overwhelming at first sight. Eustis Chair already offers dozens of fabric, color, and texture options in our existing catalog, not to mention our custom design program.  You can choose any upholstery: literally anything from anywhere, and we’ll bring it to life! To help you out with this decision, we thought we’d lay out the pros and cons for our three types of chair upholstery: vinyl, fabric, and leather.




First invented in 1920, vinyl was created to as a durable, cheap and easy to make, every day material. It is a synthetic, man-made, plastic material often found in gloves/leather clothing imitations, floor tiles, house siding, music records—and chair upholstery! Vinyl is cheap, stain resistant, and visually resembles leather. However, vinyl does not generally breathe well, so it may be less comfortable in varying temperatures.




Fabric was first created in ancient times when primitive peoples used natural flax fibers and simple dyes extracted from plants to create textiles. With the addition of synthetic fabrics and artificial colors, fabrics have become extremely diverse. For our chairs, fabric creates a unique quality unlike any other type of upholstery. Fabric is the most popular choice due to its aesthetically pleasing look, moderate cost, and diverse selection. However, fabric is the least stain resistant, and is not generally ideal for dining rooms/mess-prone settings.




The first leather product dates back around 8000 years ago in the Paleolithic era. The creation of leather was born out of necessity for lasting, durable clothing. Since, it has evolved over centuries to be used for armor, rafts, art and crafts, and of course, furniture. Leather is the most natural material, and arguably the most visually appealing/well crafted, stain resistant, comfortable selection. However, due to its great quality, leather is more expensive than all the other types of materials.


Now that you know a little more about the upholsteries we offer, we hope you feel better prepared to make your decision. Your architect or designer can help you pick the right material, or we would be more than happy to help! View a list of our suppliers here or go here for more help!


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