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Recycling bins

Plastic Recycling: The Lie We’ve All Been Sold

Buying from vendors that source their materials thoughtfully and sustainably is one step all of us can take to stop our world from devolving into a landfill. Eustis Chair sources sustainable raw materials to produce our USA-made hardwood chairs. We are dedicated to creating premium quality sustainable furniture.

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Westminster School wood library chair with six vertical, narrow back slats

The Westminster

Like many of our chairs, the Westminster chair combines design elements of two of our other chairs, the Willard and the Oberlin. We originally designed it for a prestigious boarding school, the Westminster School. In addition, we made this chair in a stacking and non-stacking version. The non-stacking Westminster (shown here) has a slightly wider seat than most of our chairs, and is a welcome addition to our line of wood library chairs. Its back angles very slightly at its top for both comfort and ease when moving it.

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New York Public Library Chair

New York Public Library Chairs

The New York Public Library has provided its patrons with free resources since 1895. The Rose Reading Room, a staple of the New York Public Library, features a beloved piece of interior decorating close to our hearts here at Eustis Chair: our Rose Reading chair.

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More Than Chairs: Eve Wildrick President of Executive Interiors

More Than Chairs Series: Finding Inspiration with Eve Wildrick

Welcome back to Eustis Chair’s “More Than Chairs” Series. For this addition, Eustis Chair had a conversation with Eve Wildrick, President of Executive Interiors. Eustis Chair had the pleasure of talking with Eve about where she finds inspiration for her design, the effects of the pandemic on her business, and much more.  

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What does reproduction furniture mean?

What Does Reproduction Furniture Mean?

Reproduction furniture is furniture made to emulate the designs of the past. Using this style of furniture adds a flare of history to any space. While antique furniture is beautiful it can be damaged, easily broken, and is expensive to purchase and maintain. Reproductions offer the same look as the furniture of the past without having to go over budget or run the risk of having an antique be broken with use.  

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The Medford Barstool

The Medford Barstool

The Medford Barstool’s elegant hardwood makes it ideal for any bar, country club, or dining room setting. Whether you sit in this chair for nine innings or just for dinner you will notice the quality of its ergonomic design.

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