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Shop Modern Bar Stools

Shopping for modern bar stools can be a difficult task. It is sometimes hard to find trendy, contemporary furniture without compromising on quality and comfort. Here at Eustis Chair, we have durable, sustainable wood stools in several styles that will fit with the modern interior design of your space. Let’s take a look at some options.

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The future of furniture

Wood: The Future of Furniture

Just like fashion, furniture trends come and go. For years, a modern look for furniture has consisted of inorganic materials such as plastic and steel to emulate a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. But more and more many designers and architects are returning to the basics. Let’s explore how wood is the future of furniture.

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Platinum Clubs of the World: 5 Star Private Clubs

2021-2022 Platinum Clubs of America

The Club and Leaders Forum released the 2021-2022 Platinum Clubs of the World list. It should be no surprise that this year’s list features many Eustis Chair clients. These are the most prestigious clubs in the world.

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banquet chairs

Boardroom Chairs

Boardroom chairs are an essential purchase for any boardroom space. Sitting for hours in a meeting or luncheon can turn into a torturous experience in a badly designed piece of furniture. Quality, elegance, and comfort are integral attributes when searching for chairs.

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traditional wood chairs

Traditional Wood Chairs

Eustis Chair is proud to manufacture the best traditional wood chairs on the market. From country club to library to university dining hall, these designs give a touch of classic elegance to each space. Interested? Let’s take a look at some traditional chairs we love.

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