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School Dining Furniture

School Dining Furniture: What You Need to Know

School dining halls are a hub for the campus community. Students come to dining halls not just for food, but to spend time with friends, study, or prepare for the rest of the day. A student center is easily one of the most important places on campus for students.

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what makes a chair durable

What Makes a Chair Durable?

What makes a chair able to stand the test of time? We know that chairs can not only survive, but thrive for decades (and perhaps even lifetimes). Several factors contribute to a chair’s durability, such as construction materials, chair design, chair joints, and quality.

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What makes a chair stable?

What Makes a Chair Stable? 

A chair’s stability is a product of its architecture. A stable chair has a good build and stable joints that can stand the test of time. A good build, especially with wood chairs, understands the requirements of its materials.

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Chairs made to order

Chairs Made to Order

If you’ve spent hours looking for the perfect furniture, then you know why a custom-made chair can be such a tempting prospect. It isn’t easy to find the ideal piece to fit your needs without it! Custom chairs have numerous benefits aside from easing your shopping fatigue.

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Harvard University Memorial Hall Chairs

History of the Modern Wooden Chair

The notion of sitting has been around since mankind evolved to stand on two legs. However, the earliest record of the modernized western concept of chairs actually dates back to Egyptian tomb paintings around 3100 B.C. In these paintings, Pharaohs and high priests were always perched on a throne.

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