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sustainable upholstery

Sustainable Upholstery

After you decide to purchase upholstered chairs, you have another big question to ask yourself. What type of upholstery should I choose?

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2022 Design Trends Wrapped

2022 was a unique year in the design world. We saw influences from the pandemic linger, while aesthetic revivals and new fads emerged throughout the year. While some trends are sure to stay, others may soon disappear, burning out as quickly as they had sparked interest.

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Antique Reproduction Furniture by Eustis Chair

Reproduction Furniture

What is Reproduction Furniture?   Reproduction furniture mimics an antique design to produce new furniture with a historical flare. This can be useful for lots of reasons. You might need to match existing furniture from the past. Or perhaps you simply enjoy an antique aesthetic. 

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chair joinery

Why is chair joinery important?

The strength of a chair directly correlates to the strength of the joint.    Long ago, chairs were actually made by joiners before chair-making became a profession in the 1800s. Along with doors, tables, and stairs, these craftsmen used their knowledge of joints to make

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