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The Skillman

The Skillman chair embraces craftsman design with unmatched comfort and durability. Like all of our traditionally built chairs, we engineer the Skillman with our special “box construction” configuration.

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quality chairs

Quality Chairs

We all know how to distinguish between someone who is cheap and someone who is economical. The economical person has a forward-thinking mindset and plans their purchases that way.

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10 chairs at 60″ Round Table

The 10-60 chair line from Eustis Chair is a line of hardwood chairs that fits 10 chairs at a 60″ round table. In this arrangement, all the chairs are pushed slightly under the table. Of course, the 10-60 chairs offer the same sophisticated looks and comfort you’ve come to expect from Eustis Chair products. These chairs are just slightly scaled down in the front to allow them to be more tucked away under a table. 

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wood stack chairs

Shop Library Furniture

Approximately one-half of the Eustis Chair line is designed especially for library use. Eustis Chair offers custom stackable library chairs as well as antique reproduction chairs. The Eustis Chair difference is the longevity of the chairs. You’ll find our chairs are designed to be so durable, they will last for decades, even in busy spaces.

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Harvard Business School Chairs

The Many Lives of a Eustis Chair

Eustis Chair has our own proprietary Eustis Joint construction technology that makes our chairs infinitely more durable than other chairs on the market. In fact, these Eustis Chairs are on their forth life.

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pennsylvania chair

The Pennsylvania

We call the new design the Pennsylvania chair. This chair, with it’s solid hardwood design elements is an elegant and beautiful choice for high-use spaces. The chair we created will last the University of Pennsylvania through many years of wear and tear. 

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