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Guide to Library Renovations

Guide to Library Renovations

library renovations


Thank you for your interest in Eustis Chair. Eustis Chair manufactures library chairs. Over the past 30 years, we have become experts on library renovations. Follow the link below for your FREE guide to library renovations: Download Your FREE Guide Here


We collected insights from our library clients so you can learn from our past projects.

Are you interested in more resources? We have several write-ups specific to seating, one of the most important parts of a library. Some of the most popular include:


Series: Architecture Style Spotlight for seating specific to styles like Gothic, Romanesque, and High-Tech spaces


Do you have questions that we did not cover in our guide? 



We look forward to connecting with you. Eustis Chair loves to work with libraries of all sizes. Whether you have a brand new library that needs furniture, or an older library that needs updating, we have got you covered. We can use any commercial fabric or leather for the seats of our chairs. Eustis Chair manufactures both stacking and non-stacking chairs that stand the test of time.