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Cross Campus Side and Arm Chair

Chicago-based architects HBRA asked us to work with them to build a custom chair for the Bass/Cross Campus Library at Yale University. Aric Lasher of HBRA is as passionate about chairs as we are; he has designed an elegant chair that truly fits with the Gothic style architecture of the library.

The smooth, modest finials at the top draw the eye to the rails of the chair, centered by an archway that mimics the distinctive doorway curvature of Gothic chambers. Its back rails emulate elongated windows that lead to the comfortable seat. The stretchers, which are the horizontal beams near the bottom of the chair, also hark back to this design style. With the Eustis Joint these stretchers are not necessary for support, but we included them to complete the overall look.

Our proven construction techniques, using pinned mortise & tenon joinery, will ensure that the chairs endure for decades.

What type of seat can I have? This chair is best with an upholstered seat, COM or COL
Does this chair come with arms? This chair can come with or without arms

Cross Campus

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Chair Dimensions

Chair diagram
Height (H):  39″
Chair Width (CW): 19″
Seat Depth (SD): 17.5″
Sitting Height (SH): 18″
Front Width (FW):  19″

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