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Jenkins Side and Arm Chair

The Jenkins is a further development of our Virginian chair, with its slight design changes resulting in a pleasing new chair. We originally crafted the look for the Jenkins Law Library, the oldest Law Library in the United States. At a height of 34 inches, this petite seating packs a punch on all fronts. The narrow rails and gentle curves give the Jenkins chair an elegant and almost delicate look. The steel-and-epoxy Eustis Joints® give it the strength to withstand decades of daily library use. And the comfort is second to none!

What type of seat can I have? Wooden or Upholstered, COM or COL 
Does this chair come with arms? This chair can come with or without arms


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Chair Dimensions

Chair diagram
Height (H):  34″
Chair Width (CW): 19″
Seat Depth (SD): 17.5″
Sitting Height (SH): 18″
Front Width (FW):  19″

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