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Guide to Hardwood Chair Glides

For over 25 years Eustis Chair has been helping colleges, libraries, boarding and preparatory schools, restaurants, banquet halls, country clubs, and courthouses with the most durable, sustainably built, hardwood chairs available. Here is our guide to selecting the best hardwood chair glide for your space and flooring. Contact us with any questions about your floor and hardwood chair glide selection.

Hard Floors

For hard floors, we recommend the cushion steel glide. This may seem counter-intuitive to those who want to protect the shine on their hardwood or tile floors. Our experience suggests that the softer alternatives to steel, either plastic or felt, are great for a few months, but tend to pick up the sand that invariably gets onto the floor; the result is you have a piece of sandpaper on the bottom of your chairs, and your floor will become more scratched than by the steel glide. Also, plastic glides on hard floors eventually wear out, and when they do they can leave a nail sticking out of the bottom of the chair leg. We have chosen the cushion steel glide because it does a good job of spreading the load of the chair, and because the cushion helps absorb some of the shock load when chairs are picked up to be moved. Felt glides, which we have not pictured here, do a better job of protecting a hardwood floor for a short period of time. However, they fill with sand just like the plastic, and they wear out relatively fast, requiring constant attention by the maintenance crew. We have had several clients who started with plastic or felt on a wooden floor, and switched after a time over to the cushioned steel.

Carpeted Floors

For chairs that will go on carpet, and that will never go onto hard floors, we offer a domed plastic glide. This glide is not as rugged as either the cushion steel glide or the cushion plastic glide, but it slides better on the carpet. For chairs that will never go on a hard floor, we feel the domed plastic glide is strong enough, and offers the advantage of better sliding. If the chairs will be on hard floors part of the time, we recommend the cushion steel glide.