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New Antique Reproduction Chairs for Rose Reading Room

Recent Restoration of New York Public Library Rose Reading Room Chairs Produced by Eustis Chair New York Public Library’s beloved reading room is a cultural staple of New York City. The library’s $317 million renovation project on West 40th Street was approved back in 2017. Stephen... Read More

Welcome to Our New and Improved Website!

After months of hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new and improved website. Our new website provides a place to learn about our durable hardwood stacking and non-stacking chair options. You are able to browse pictures of our elegant chairs... Read More

Villanova University Study Room Chairs

Villanova’s New Residential Halls Complete with Eustis Chairs After 9 years in the making, Villanova recently completed it $225 million residential hall project for university students. The renovation aimed to sustain the universities collegiate gothic style, capturing Villanova’s style and feel. The project was designed by... Read More

Quarter Sawn vs. Plain Sawn

The Difference Between Quarter Sawn and Plain Sawn White Oak White oak is one of the most popular choices for hardwood furniture. White Oak comes from the oak tree and tends to be a light beige or brown color. Customers praise white oak for its versatility... Read More

Styles that have Stood the Test of Time

Modern Takes on Traditional Styles Though styles predictably have come and gone throughout the years, a lot of our Eustis Chairs are modern chair reproductions of fashionable historical trends. William and Mary 1690-1730: Originally designed for English King William of Orange, the William and Mary chair is known... Read More

Chairs for Premium Membership Seating

Chairs that Knock it Out of the Park Professional sports have been ingrained in our culture for decades. Where sports are, people gather. And where people gather, seating is a necessity. Hundreds of Premium Membership Clubs belonging to hundreds of MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA teams... Read More

New University of Kentucky Law Library Outfitted with Eustis Chairs

Eustis Chairs for University Kentucky Law Library  University of Kentucky opened their new Law School building and Library September 6th, 2019 in Lexington, Kentucky. This state of the art, $53 million dollar project was designed specifically for the law students in hopes it will be a... Read More

New School Year, New Eustis Chairs

Welcome back to school from Eustis Chair!  The beginning of a new school year is upon us! What is a better way to celebrate another year of success ahead than a shiny new hardwood chair? Schools and universities across the nation have selected our chairs for... Read More

A Brief History of the Modern Wooden Chair

Ever Wondered how Wooden Chairs Came to be? Lets start from the very beginning… The notion of sitting has been around since mankind evolved to stand on two legs. Early humans sat on the ground, tree stumps, logs and rocks. However, the earliest record of the Modernized... Read More

wood chair maintenance

Basic Wood Chair Maintenance / Cleaning Program

What is the best practice for wood chair maintenance and cleaning?  We thought you'd never ask! A well-loved wood chair will naturally face little wear and tear.  Of course, due to their unmatched beauty and elegance, wooden chairs require a little more attention than chairs made of... Read More