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Chair Styles

contemporary chair

The Virginian

This stackable chair represents one of our most comfortable examples of contemporary seating. The Virginian was first designed for the University of the Virginia’s Special Collections Library. New York City architect Ronnette Riley wanted a chair with narrow rails and no stretchers that could withstand...

Westminster School wood library chair with six vertical, narrow back slats

The Westminster

Like many of our chairs, the Westminster chair combines design elements of two of our other chairs, the Willard and the Oberlin. We originally designed it for a prestigious boarding school, the Westminster School. In addition, we made this chair in a stacking and non-stacking...

suffolk chair

The Suffolk Chair

For their renovation of Boston’s 100 year old Suffolk County Superior Court, architects Childs Bertman Tseckares chose to come to us. They then commissioned an exact replica of a chair that had served in the court for its first 100 years. Needless to say, we...

state chair

The State

Designed for the club and fine dining market, this new chair incorporates elements of other chairs adapts them to create a brand new chair. Moreover, it adds an upholstered back into our Bainbridge Island design. The State chair has the same good looks as the...


The chair Transporter is a custom-made hand truck to transport individual stacks of our stackable chairs. Once you stack chairs up to 10 high, you can easily move them wherever you need. Once moved to storage, the chair stack sits on the floor, so you only...