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5 Reasons You Should Use Wood Furniture in Interior Design


Why should you incorporate wood furniture into your interior design? Here are five reasons:


1. Sustainability

If you’re interested in sustainable interior design, wood furniture is a good place to start. Wood is a renewable resource and the most eco-friendly building material we have. Choosing wood furniture over steel, iron, or plastic is a small step any of us can take to halt climate change and preserve the planet.

Eustis Chair is dedicated to the practice of sustainability in every area of business. To learn more about our environmentally-friendly practices, click here.


2. Natural feel

Many of us are spending more time indoors than ever before. Bringing parts of nature into your interior design can make a space feel calming and soothing. Moreover, interior wood has been shown to provoke warm and cozy feelings. According to some studies, it might even have some of the same psychophysical restorative benefits as outdoor nature.


3. Durability

Wood furniture is some of the sturdiest on the market. It lasts much longer than plastic chairs, for instance. If taken care of, even wood chairs and tables that are used every day can be around for decades.

Eustis Chair takes durability to a whole new level. Our chairs have a 20+ year lifetime thanks to the strength of the Eustis Joint. We have some of the longest-lasting furniture, even in the wood industry. This means that less waste ends up in landfills and your interior design needs are met without anything having to be replaced for decades to come, saving everyone time and money. Furthermore, the upholstered chairs in our line can utilize water-resistant COM fabrics, offering further protection and durability even in our fabric seats.


4. Versatility

Whatever your interior design aesthetic, wood furniture can fit your space. While certain materials like steel or plastic fit a very specific look, wood is versatile. Wood furniture can be modern and contemporary or traditional and classic-looking. It can look good so many spaces: country clubs, libraries, universities, meeting rooms, office buildings, churches, funeral homes. And that’s just a few examples! 

Eustis Chair offers further customization to add to the versatility of our hardwood chairs. After choosing from our wide variety of furniture styles, wood types, and fabric samples, you can choose decorative nails, add a logo or emblem of your choice, and/or add a bookholder. To learn more about our chair customization and alterations practices, click here.


5. Timelessness

While wood furniture can certainly be very sleek and modern, there is something timeless about wood that makes it never go out of style. When designing even a very contemporary interior, you want to make sure you won’t have to change things every few months to keep up with the revolving door of decor trends. Wood furniture is perfect for this balance of old and new. It will fit into your interior design space now while also looking beautiful and trendy for years to come.


If you’re interested in learning more about Eustis Chair products, contact us here!

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