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Alpha Tau Omega

Fraternity Chairs by Eustis Chair

Eustis Chair manufactures hardwood chairs and tables for a number of different institutions, including colleges. Eustis Chair has manufactured numerous fraternity chairs and sorority chairs over the years. Alpha Tau Omega, a fraternity at the University of Texas in Austin recently put in an order. The fraternity is now home to 93 Merrimac stacking chairs. The fraternity also purchased 1 transporter to easily store their chairs when not in use and 12 rectangular tables in solid European Beech.


Fraternity Chairs


The Merrimac chair is an elegant armchair that stacks up to ten chairs high. It has curved back posts and is strengthened by the Eustis Joint®. With a 20-year warranty, the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity will enjoy these Merrimac chairs for decades to come.


Rectangular Tables


University of Texas ATO Fraternity Installation

With the design help of PDR Interiors, an award-winning firm founded in 2009, Alpha Tau Omega also ordered 1 transporter and 12 European Beech rectangular tables with our proprietary table leg plate system.

Just like hardwood chairs made by Eustis Chair, our tables have the sturdiness and durability of the Eustis Joint®. Made with steel rods and high-strength epoxies, the joint is stronger than the wood itself. With the plate permanently attached to the end of the table legs, the legs remain securely attached to the top with as few as 4 bolts.

With this exceptional engineering, we can offer the same 20-year warranty on our tables that we offer on our Eustis Joint® chairs. This means that Alpha Tau Omega will enjoy these tables far into the future. Additionally, it is easy to disassemble and store tables made by Eustis Chair.



If you have any questions about this project or about Eustis Chair products, contact us here.

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