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American Built Furniture: Why buy American?

Eustis Chair is proud to design and manufacture furniture in the USA. 


Why is American-made furniture the best option?


Furniture crafted in America is hard to find these days. In fact, the market is saturated with cheap furniture produced overseas. Yet, American-built furniture is the best choice.

From stacking hardwood chairs to tables, every piece of Eustis Chair furniture is made in the United States. Since 1989, we have been an American company dedicated to manufacturing quality American products. It is important to us to work with the best local craftspeople, and we think it should matter to you as well.

Here are three reasons you should pick furniture made in the USA: quality, community, and sustainability.




It’s well-known that furniture built in America is of better quality than those manufactured and shipped from other countries. Of course, American workplaces are held to high labor and safety standards. American factories also have stricter regulations on toxic chemicals in furniture materials. You want the best, and for that reason should pick furniture crafted in the USA.


Support Community


Eustis Chair is proud to support and provide American jobs. Every one of our chairs is made to order in our US factory in New York. Thanks to a skilled team of craftspeople, we are able to take rough lumber to a beautiful finished product all in one factory. 

Indeed, when you purchase American-built furniture from Eustis Chair you are purchasing the highest quality products. In fact, Eustis Chair guarantees our furniture will last for decades. In fact, we guarantee it by offering an unmatched 20-year warranty. When you purchase our chairs, you are helping the American economy by keeping jobs here. 




Similar to issues of quality, such cheap furniture produced overseas has a higher environmental impact than American-built furniture. Indeed, shipping across the ocean pollutes the water and sky, causing untold ecological damage. In fact, limiting how far furniture has to travel to get to its destination is a small step toward helping save the Earth. Buying from an American business that manufactures in America means that you can feel good about your chair purchase.

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